The Manny Pacquiao Story

I admit it, I was never a boxing fan, to be honest I didn’t know much about it until this recent project was dumped onto our hard drives 2 weeks ago.

Mike Young (photographer) traveled to the town of Bagiuo along with Chuck Culpepper (sports reporter).  They spent a fascinating week up in the mountains accompanying Manny while he trained in high altitude for his upcoming fight next month.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away our multimedia team at The National had no clue that Mike was going to come back with countless photos and great behind-the-scenes footage (from a flipcam of course) of Manny’s daily training sessions.

Mike arrived, captioned all his incredible photos and dropped all his footage off. Eek. Not sure what’s worse, too little footage or too much good footage. In this case, most of the content was so great, including Chuck’s copy. We spent days going through colorful images of the gorgeous mountain town, Manny’s funny..yet serious entourage and of course Pacman.

The result was the launch of our Manny Pacquiao page on our site. It took a good 2 weeks of hard work from all the multimedia producers, to the photo, managing, online and sports editors to the IT development team upstairs at ADM (Abu Dhabi Media).

Whether you’re a boxing fan or not, I hope you find this interesting: