2013 – Year in Pictures

The mad scramble during assignment days leaves very little room for reflection and introspection. I’ve therefore decided to take a little bit of time in the past week to curate a gallery of the quieter photographic moments that have occurred in 2013. These photographs don’t necessarily represent the most exciting assignments in the past year, but these people’s stories have continued to resonate with me well past my allocated time with them. Nonetheless it’s important as a photographer to visualise tangible underlying photographic patterns in my work, especially when it’s displayed in an online gallery in chronological order. Here’s to 2014 – it’s time to push narrative and technical boundaries even further – Happy New Year.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The National recently sent me on assignment with Dubai Cares and UNICEF to document the launch of their latest Early Childhood Education program in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was a pretty packed few days, but I tried to take the time to photograph as much as I could in the few hours we had free. Here are just some snippets from Sarajevo and the villages of Visoko and Mahoje. To read more about the Dubai Cares and UNICEF initiative click here.