Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The National recently sent me on assignment with Dubai Cares and UNICEF to document the launch of their latest Early Childhood Education program in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was a pretty packed few days, but I tried to take the time to photograph as much as I could in the few hours we had free. Here are just some snippets from Sarajevo and the villages of Visoko and Mahoje. To read more about the Dubai Cares and UNICEF initiative click here.

And so she says…

Blogging is a very scary territory to me. As super cheesy as it sounds, I really do express myself visually, through photographs or film. Despite the crap that is out there, the internet just seems to be filled with some REALLY great writers who truly know what they are blogging about.  I plan to take this as it comes, whether its blogging about a new camera, a film, a cause or a website. I don’t plan to make it on a specific topic, if it happens then great. so be it.

I’m not really sure what led me to video journalism in the first place. The realization that this is what I wanted to do didn’t happen because of a specific life-altering film, or a specific incident in my life. The path that led me here was very gradual. Beginning in high school, my first few shoots with a professional camera were just terrible. I didn’t understand how a camera worked. I was incredibly nervous shooting out in the streets of London, that people would be offended of me taking photos of them. I guess that’s how we all start out though. I did enjoy working in a darkroom very much, Discman on, nostalgic scent of photo chemicals, sinking into this pseudo-meditative state of film developing, printing, dodging and burning.

College was just a progressive continuation of that, I experimented with film, journalism, photojournalism, art history and anthropology. My teachers were my greatest inspirations. I watched countless documentaries from all over the world. and then I watched some more. 3 years later, I ended up here.

I love what I do.

I hope you enjoy what I have on here. It’s a far cry from my first film in film school, or my first photograph with a manual SLR.  Please feel free to comment, to give direction, to give new ideas or constructive criticism. I’m all ears.